Sunday, March 6, 2016

A word from my son

My son JP is non-verbal among a few other side carts such as Severe Autism, OCD, Anxiety and LGS (Lennox-Gastaut Syndrome) 

I was letting JP experience foods at an early age so through the years he could decide and except responsibility for his food selections as he grew into an adolescent.  I want this blog to be funny yet helpful for your journey on the Appetite Solutions food train.  A train usually goes pretty fast so that's why I threw "food train" in there because experiencing different foods can be fast but fun if you slow down enough to take in the beautiful scenery outside your fast food train that is your life right now. I just love making up tid bits like that, see I did it again because tid bits can be refereed to in the food sense. :) Oh my goodness I'm getting of track...........OMG there I go again.  :)

Introducing condiments along with a new food can be both a visual and tasteful sensory experience that takes that blah new food to a whole different level.  I think I should stop here and let you know that I don't judge anyone when it comes to how to present a new food to your picky eater.  It's all about the experience, you will hear me say that a few times here and there.  I get asked sometimes, "what's the first step in introducing a new food to my child"?  The first step is the experience between your child, yourself and the new food, so don't waste this "beautiful scenery" on unnecessary thoughts of what am I doing wrong.  Instead of worrying so much about doing something wrong just know straight out of the gate your going to do it wrong until you get it right.

At this time I'm hoping you are enjoying this experience.  Sometimes it helps to make light of something so heavy.  I've learned to do that along the way and let me tell you it helps so much with my decisions when it comes to JP's food choices and how and what that looks like.   

A word from my son is going to be a ending to my blogs or a snap shot on my facebook page.

A word from my son:
"Pretty salt, you look like snow falling from the shaker on to my food.  When my food sits in front of me all blah, and then the salt comes out and falls on to my food like the glorious condiment that it is.  My lips curl into a smile and I can't resist the visual aspect of it as my fingers grab the once blah food as it makes my taste buds dance and is forever a sweet or should I say salty dream.

Friday, December 12, 2014

LeT's woRk WiTh tHaT

Reality check from Appetite Solutions

The holidays are fun right?  For most of our families with kids that have sensory processing disorders etc. not so much fun over here in our world.

Parents have to deal with trying to make other family members happy and end up making the one who needs the most attention VERY 

OK so don't feel like you have to please everyone else during the holidays and do things like....
1.  Dress your child in the most uncomfortable clothes he/she can barely stand to begin with just to make someone else happy seeing that child in those clothes.
2.  Stress over the fact that another family member is pointing out what your child is doing wrong and making suggestions on how to handle that behavior.  
3.  Make your child go through a sensory disaster just to make another family member happy, because you know how it's going to end and now repeat number 2. This can be a viscous cycle until the ultimate meltdown of the century.

I just want to encourage all our families to do what is comfortable for our children and don't go out of that safety zone for others, especially during these stressful holidays.  
The only thing you need to remember to do is have a plan A & B & C before you leave the house with your partner or caregiver and roll with the punches.   

and one more thing......
let's hold off on trying new foods until after the first of the year.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from our family at Appetite Solutions,
Michelle, Sherman, Brooke and JP Buff

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Nothing done well is done once

This journey of appetite solutions is not a one time, one size fits all gig.  If you are beginning your journey then please remember that "Nothing done well is done once."  It takes many failures to succeed in your child's appetite solutions.  There is no magic wand, potion or a secret treatment.  

Each child is different in their way of processing and objectively going through with a plan of action that involves them undertaking such a whole new way of thinking.  Something new is not allowed in their routine and if it is then it needs to be scrutinized and broken down for entry so to speak.  You know what?  That's perfectly OK!

I mean do we expect our own child/children to except something new in their lives when we ourselves are basically the same way?  The quick answer is "yes."  But if we slow down and not only recognize but except this way of thinking then we can begin that journey you have been talking about with experiencing a new food.

Let me break it down for you in a manner that which you will understand.  Not only is your child a literal thinker but he/she also has a brain that is programmed to think a certain way.  It is your job to re-program that way of thinking.  Begin with simple steps so the both of you are comfortable and see success.

Simple steps 

1. Expose the child to the new food in a verbal sense.
2. Keep a food journal
3. Learn about sensory input and output
4. Expose the child to the new food in a sensory friendly and safe environment

 Remember this.....Nothing done well is done once.

I wish you well in your adventures.

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